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About Us

about us

My name is:Bazsa Gábor (GÉB)

I was born in my pritty little age, in 78'.

My mother is a woman, my dad isn't.

In my childhood I wanted to be a grown up! Now it's the opposite.

My first tattoo was a black and small with good thick lines. (poor mom..:)) But she likes it to date!:)

I started tattooing in my 20s, anyway I'm a NASA satellite gold-plater, but is rarely carried out and to take a long walk around the Earth, so here I am with this, tattooing!


My old wish was that my passion, the tattooing became my profession. In 2007, beside my determination and perseverance my dream became truth and opened our first shop, under the name Angel Tattoo & B.Bros. When the time passed we wanted more, more beautiful, better to give, so we moved. So now formed to Our own image we are waiting you in a friendly and an exclusive shop, what we named to Angel-Ink Tattoo. In 2010 the Cannonball was the first major competition, where we were able to finish in the second round. It was a plesaure for us the jury's recognition and positive feedback from participants. It is important for me to improve and progress in my work. That is why I go off to London to fetch any innovations, exchange experiences in the artists from there. In my work I like the challenges, but in every styles I'm sought for the detailed work. You are welcome to make a lasting memory for You!



Officially I learned 3 years ago the piercing tricks, but before this time it's employed quite a thing :)

My goal is to give a correct and aesthetically pleasing work. If you like the extreme things then I am waiting for you!

by: Piercingeslány



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